Vodafone Bonus in il Molino

Information for "Vodafone Bonus" program participants, who has ordered and received a voucher for the il Molino restaurants.

In order to get the special conditions of service in il Molino restaurants and make your visit to the restaurant as pleasant as possible, we ask you to pay attention to the following tips.

Please make sure that a voucher is complete. Do not break it.

While your visit of the one of il Molino restaurants chain, before making the order, please, tell the waiter that you have Vodafone Bonus program voucher.

When settling the bill, please give the voucher to the restaurant representative.

We remind you that, according to the terms of the program:

The voucher is valid only in il Molino restaurants, does not apply to orders in il Molino delivery service;

The voucher is valid for only one visit to the restaurant;

The voucher should contain the name of the restaurant (il Molino);

If the value of the services actually received by a subscriber at a special price exceeds the cost of the special offer to which he is entitled, according to the voucher, the subscriber pays the excess.